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Alan Moore’s epic Captain Britain story was divided between three separate comic books: Marvel Super-HeroesThe Daredevils, and The Mighty World of Marvel. All of them reprinted American comics in the UK in black-and-white, but they also hired writers to write new stuff just for the Marvel UK, including such writers as Jamie Delano (Hellblazer), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), and Grant Morrison (Animal Man, We3).

Captain Britain was the first original hero that Marvel UK published, outside of reprints. He started out with his own comic book, Captain Marvel Weekly, but that was eventually discontinued and he got his own comic strip in The Mighty World of Marvel penciled by Alan Davis.

Alan Moore’s run on Captain Britain started in 1982 and continued until 1984:

  • Marvel Super-Heroes #387: “A Crooked World”
  • Marvel Super-Heroes #388: “Graveyard Shift”
  • The Daredevils #1: “A Rag, a Bone, a Hank of Hair”
  • The Daredevils #2: “An Englishman’s Home”
  • The Daredevils #3: “Thicker Than Water”
  • The Daredevils #4-5: “Killing Ground”
  • The Daredevils #6: “Judgement Day”
  • The Daredevils #7: “Rough Justice”
  • The Daredevils #8: “Arrivals”
  • The Daredevils #9: “Waiting for the End of the World”
  • The Daredevils #10: “The Sound and the Fury”
  • The Daredevils #11: “But They Never Really Die”
  • The Mighty World of Marvel #7: “The Candlelight Dialogues”
  • The Mighty World of Marvel #8: “The Twisted World (Reprise)”
  • The Mighty World of Marvel #9” “Among Those Dark Satanic Mills”
  • The Mighty World of Marvel #10: “Foolsmate”
  • The Mighty World of Marvel #11: “Endgame”
  • The Mighty World of Marvel #12: “A Funeral on Otherworld”

This was one of Alan Moore’s first on-going comics (he had written one-shot comic strips for Doctor Who Magazine and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Monthly before, but not an ongoing one).

Moore’s entire run was collected into a Captain Britain Omnibus, which, sadly, is out of print. But if you can find it, I highly recommend reading it, because it is excellent.

What do you take me for? Of course I know what I’m getting into. I’m in a parallel universe, fighting an alternate version of myself alongside a group of parahuman mercenaries who want me to help the wrong accused Majestrix of… Do you ever get halfway through a sentence and find yourself unable to believe that you’re actually saying it?